Our services

As people get older and develop health and mobility issues it becomes difficult to have a social life outside of the home. Coupled with the fact that relatives and friends may move away, this can leave a person feeling vulnerable and lonely.

Woking Age Concern aims to alleviate these feelings through arranging regular visits for our clients from staff and volunteer 'friends'. We can also arrange for 'short-term friends' to cover when other volunteers or family are on holiday.

Clients have been referred to us from many sources, including families, friends, neighbours, GPs, district nurses and Social Services. Our client liaison officers visit each prospective client in their own home to explain our service in detail and to identify each individual's needs and concerns.

Woking Age Concern also provides an Information and Support service. Many older people do not have access to the internet and it can often be impossible trying to get through to someone on a telephone line. We endeavour to answer a whole host of enquiries ranging from simple requests to more complicated queries. 

If you, or anyone you know, needs our help, please contact us!